Tuesday Prime-time

PRIME-TIME Weekday Show Details:

Broadcast starts at Midnight Eastern time and is repeated at 8AM Eastern & 4PM Eastern time. Start times for shows starting on the half & quarter hour are approximate. The CBS News is heard on the half hour.

Listen to great modern radio dramaPrime-time old time radio listen online every day, variable dramas and comedy, most with restored audio. Prime-time programming is continuously streamed with each new program day beginning @ Midnight ET/9pm PT.

Enjoy our Prime-time

One Response to Tuesday Prime-time

  1. ken boling says:

    I awakened very early this morning to hear an interview show that featured a host named Bill talking to a guest named Jim (cowboy actor ?) who had performed performed with Ethel Merman on Broadway. The guest, Jim, also sang several show tunes. What is the show and who was Bill and especially who was Jim ???

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